About Rock Lacrosse & the National Team Platform 

Rock Lacrosse is an 18 year old club lacrosse platform, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland with home fields at St. Paul's School. Since our founding the programs mission is based on using the fall and summer club seasons as a critical developmental pillar in the development of an advanced high school lacrosse player, ready to be recruited at the NCAA level, and prepared as they matriculate into their college program to become and impact player. 

The Rock Lacrosse approach to comprehensive advanced player development includes 4 important pillars: 

1. Team - Work with your high school team in-season.
2. You - Work on your own - individual commitment to skills development. 
3. Weight Room - your speed, strength and agility regimen
4. Fall and Summer Development - focusing on breaking down the game into small parts, with an emphasis on very important aspects of the game that cannot be covered with your in-season team or on your own. 

#4 is the Rock Lacrosse Lane! 

As we approach our 18th season,  Rock has 3-Team USA Mens Team Players,  7 PLL player under contract, and a litany of NCAA players, many earning recognition for their performance in the IL Media, USILA, US Lacrosse polls.  During our history we have built a reputation amongst the NCAA coaching community for consistently producing NCAA ready talent.  The NCAA coaching community trusts Rock as our players produce. 

As we enter our 18th season, Rock will move our traditional HS platform over to a National Team Platform. 

Why are we doing this? 

Club Lacrosse has continued to experience dilution. In a given market, like Baltimore there can be as many as 15-20 club lacrosse options. 

As demographics in the Baltimore area has adjusted,  talent resides throughout the region and the quantity of players that want to seriously train available within reach to our backyard has decreased. 

Using our Team Camp approach, where we condense training into a camp environment, we have an opportunity to serve players from outside the our region. 

Rock coaching staff is one of the best club coaching staffs in the country.  Consisting of a mix of current and former Varsity HS  and NCAA coaches with significant experience coaching advanced lacrosse in-season and within the club environment. 

National Developmental Teams

Players not selected to the Rock National Team platform, can continue to participate on a Rock ELITE team. These teams will play under the RLC logo and run a similar schedule to the national team, aligned with a developmental platform,  and recruiting events best suited for these teams.